Marc-Antoine Cousin – strategy advisor and designer

I am a strategy advisor, program facilitator, system designer and coach.

I have 20 years of experience in consulting to governments and private sector clients, across a range of industries including: transport, the Arts, financial services and technology. I have also advised the Australian State governments of NSW, Victoria and Queensland on a range of governance and policy issues.

I was a partner and director of L.E.K. Consulting, an international strategy advisory firm with close to 1,000 professionals across 20 offices worldwide, from 2004 to 2010 and have worked for clients across Europe, Australia, the US and Asia. My primary area of expertise is in rail and logistics with engagements for operators, regulators and government departments across policy, contracts, incentive regimes, KPIs, corporate planning, competitive strategy, demand forecasting, pricing, marketing, operational performance.

I am a qualified coach and have a particular interest in coaching teams through innovation and strategy development. Client examples for this type of work have included New Zealand Post, NSW Transport and Infrastructure, RailCorp and Opera Australia.

I also offer advice on negotiations and influencing with a focus on facilitating preparations (including strategy, styles, tactics), designing and monitoring the implementation of an effective negotiation process. Client examples for this work have included the NSW and Victorian Governments, publicly and privately owned transport operators.

I am also a qualified Permaculture designer and I am currently involved with Melbourne Urban Permaculture and the Salvation Army in the design of community gardens.

Key questions

I support decision making and deliver results through answering questions such as these.

  • What is the most effective design for a new policy?
  • On which customers should we focus our products and marketing for maximum profit and/or growth?
  • How can we design the organisation/system to deliver our strategy?
  • How should we track progress against our objectives?
  • Is the organisation on track to meets its objectives? If not why?
  • How can we reduce wasted resources and time?
  • What is our transition or implementation plan?
  • What is a fair contract that will meet both parties’ objectives?
  • How do we resolve conflict?
  • How do we prepare for a difficult negotiation?
  • How can we discover and reach win-win outcomes?


Selection of clients sectors and industries

  • State governments
  • Local governments
  • Not-for-profit institutions
  • Public Agencies in transport and the Arts
  • Private transport and logistics operators in Australia, new Zealand, Europe and the US
  • Financial Services across banking, insurance and fund management
  • Technology companies in transport and energy

I can be contacted at